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  • Why Use Metal?

    Rheinzink, Zinc,
    Zinc Cladding and Roofing from RAC Specialist

    RAC Roofing and Cladding is a specialist metal roofing and cladding company, we specialise in metal as it requires a more technical installation to be sure of a great long lasting roof.


    Roofs have a few requirements, some these are that it lasts a long time with little to no maintenance whilst also looking good and being economically and environmentally friendly.

    The materials we use at RAC Specialist are Zinc, Copper, Stainless Steel (TCS) and Kalzip. Each of these has all the requirements needed to make a long lasting, asthetic roof or cladding. To learn more about the materials we use and why we use them see our tables below.


    Zinc is one of our most used materials for roofing. This is because it is very corrosion resistant. This is not the only reason to use zinc, other reasons are because it is a self healing material, meaning it can fix it self if scratched over time. It depends on each situation if Zinc is the perfect material for you but it is commonly said to be one of the most aesthetic materials for roofing.

    Zinc Roofing by RAC Specialist
    Stainless Steel Cladding - TCS

    Sometime we may recommend Steel over Zinc. The main reason being it is less corrosive so it a must in areas of high corrosion such as buildings on the coast. Steel has excellent resistance to corrosion making it much better for project like this. It is very easy to make Stainless Steel look amazing as roofing or cladding. Sometimes due to the ease to make Steel thin, means Stainless Steel Roofing is typically lighter than many other materials.

    Copper Roofing is not only to look amazing, there are other reason we choose to use Copper as a material for Roofing & Cladding. With its transition to oxydized Copper ranges from a vibrant orange to light green. This makes it one of the best looking roofing materials out there. Copper is also great for projects requiring a light roof copper could be perfect. We also use Copper due to its amazing oxydation qualities.

    What a great visual experience copper cladding is!
    Kalzip Roofing Example

    Kalzip is a system RAC Roofing Specialist uses on some of its Projects. There are a number of reasons for using Kalzip and some of these are: Limitless design potential, low weight, strong, durable and impact resistant. Kalzip is virtually maintenance free and has a low cost life span. Kalzip is also very acoustic and thermal insulating meaning it saves on energy costs. For more information on Kalzip please visit their website.