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Copper is one of the oldest used materials, even dating back to the Roman times. It was actually used on the roof of the Pantheon in Rome and lasted over 1000 years. It is long-lasting and when installed correctly, can last over 100 years. Copper is a stunning metal finish, along with its durability and resistance to water,  makes it a great choice for roofing or cladding. The copper sheets react with the atmosphere (from its natural untreated form) to form a green patina, or antique copper/verdigris. It could take years of weathering for the copper to change from its natural bronze colour to the aged green patina state and this depends on the level of pollution and moisture in the atmosphere.

Copper roofing sheets are extremely versatile and can easily be formed into shingles, façade panels or cassette panels. It is estimated that around 65% of copper that has ever been mined, is still in use, or available for use and has been recycled over and over again.

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