Greencoat PLX

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Greencoat PLX

GreenCoat roofing is a great alternative to zinc for anyone looking to install a metal standing-seam roof onto their project, it is a lightweight material that is easy to work with, whether it be standing seam, shingles or reveal panels. The product is workable even down to -15 degrees celsius. GreenCoat consists of a steel core, a zinc coating and a primer to give the product its final colour.

Greencoat is tough, extremely durable and even highly eco-conscious due to the oils and methods used for manufacturing. It provides the property/project with an extensive range of benefits. GreenCoat is fully recyclable, and it is manufactured using sustainable production methods. The Nordic quality steel is recognised as one of the best steels available on the worldwide market. The Bio-based Technology coating is produced using Swedish rapeseed oil – an inexpensive and natural material replacing the use of traditional fossil fuel. This creates an overall sustainable, affordable yet stylish product. The material is highly scratch resistant due to the use of zinc within GreenCoat and is also exceptionally resistant to corrosion and UV rays. GreenCoat has zero spring-back and are highly formable, which means the installer can produce very tight folding. The material can be easily bent, cut, pressed, punched and profiled. GreenCoat is available in an array of colours and the tolerances are very tight ensuring batch to batch consistency.

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