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Prefa Aluminium 

Prefa aluminium strips and metal sheets are made from malleable aluminium alloys, making them easy and safe to work with – ideal for roof window flashings, dormer cladding and façade areas. Prefa is available in a wide choice of colours, ensuring the perfect match for a high-quality look – particularly in combination with Prefa’s powder-coated gutters. The coating is permanently weather-resistant and is applied in a coil-coating process. Flashing strips and sheets are also available in the required paint quality for Prefa’s tried and tested long-term roof.

Traditional Textures Precoated Aluminium

RAC use a range of precoated aluminium that can capture the textures and colour of real zinc and copper cladding. The aesthetically pleasing finish is achieved for a fraction of the cost of zinc and copper. Precoated aluminium has a long life and is eco-friendly, making it a popular choice by many. The product is easy to work with, being a flat rolled product with an aluminium core. This is then covered with a special coating, which is available in many colours and surface finishes.

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